Friday, May 25, 2012

Variant The Party's Leader

Turn based RPGs have had years of existence; there are one character RPGs, like Diablo, Ever Quest, and Party RPGs like the Final Fantasies, Earth Bound and so on. In Party RPGs, most of the times (if not always) there is one character in particular who is, at least, a bit more important to the game's plot than the rest (cough Cloud), the Lead Character. What I'm about to propose is to modify the regular combat system rules to create one where the Leader's presence is what really matters; a turn based combat system I call RUSH.

To explain Rush, lets take the old Combat Queue out of the equation, and the party's size, is not importat at the moment. The fight begins and its the player's turn, there is no need to select the Leader since its traits and chance made it act first, and its going to be facing one of its Foes; both parties will be ignore at the moment, so imagine them busy with each other or running around the battlefield. The UI for selecting actions appears, the player makes its choice and it is executed at once, with no waiting nor need to know what the rest of the cast will do, the player just needs to focus on making that ability play out the best way possible.

Rush attack successful and will continue...
If successful then the Leader has the chance to use another ability, repeat the same one, or even let a different party member into action, over and over again, even if the Foe is downed; however, every time an action is played, the following ones get harder and harder to perform, until the player makes a bad roll and the ability is played out poorly, allowing the defending Foe to start its turn, if any is still available.

The Follow up!, a second action that can go on and on...
While being attack might seem harsh, the defender also has the chance to play against the ability, trying to outperform the attacker, not only to reduce the attacks effects but also, if the defender is good enough, its more likely that its turn might come up sooner. Now in the awesome case that both performed equally well, then a Duel kind of interaction must be played out, with a nice handicap on the attacker in the same way its actions get harder to pull, to check whose turn will it be.

Who will Rush whom this time..
This is it for now, I'll keep posting on the subject...
Thanks Pityu777 for the art!

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