Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Variant for Hit Points

My take on Hit Points. All video games make use of HP, characters get a value to represent how much damage they can take, and that is it. Maybe it seems simple for players, or everyone is just used to this.

Making Hit Points an integral part of the Action System, not only as a representation of a Character's "life" but more like the "Stamina Cost" required to be on combat and use any kind of actions, whether it is a special attack, asking for assistance, a defense opportunity; it is an interesting idea that I've had for a long time, that can by used for any kind of game (with characters). 

To balance the need for this costs, Regeneration is applied at the beginning of every turn/cycle. The ability to recover Stamina must be tied to one of the Character Traits, allowing for some Character to improve recovery, while a different Trait provides improved Stamina (meaning more stamina). For some reason, I've tied High Regen to Spell Casters and More Stamina to the Warrior kind, leaving Rogue style characters in the middle.

In my opinion, there are two ways that the Stamina/Regeneration system can be represented, and it is a duck or bunny situation here, the game can use character traits to either 1.-improve the stamina and regeneration- or, 2.-reduce all stamina costs-. It would be on the developer's side to decide what could be better to implement, so lets expand on this.
  1. Traits that Increase Stamina/Regeneration; in this case, the values that are increased are those for the character, meaning that they get more max stamina, more regeneration per turn/cycle, while all actions have a fixed cost that never changes. This method uses real values, i.e. rice skeletal archer costs 10.
  2. Traits that Lower Costs, in this scenario the action's costs get reduced as the character's level improves, and the characters trait's values are fixed; so instead of using a real value for representation, the best option is to use percentage, i.e. Cleave costs 2%.
The use of this Self Healing System, allows some interesting situations for players to experience, some examples can be:
  • the abuse of a character's complete stamina in a Rush (*link next)
  • to have the Leader rice after being defeated
  • involving more characters to pay for the cost of another character's ability
  • your pick here....

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