Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Final Fantasy rants, Bravely Default

So I have been playing a bit of squaresoft's bravery default on my 3DS, feels like a final fantasy 4 heroes of light 2 which is nice, kinda miss the way the overworld Looked.

a top to botom comparison of the cast!

Besides the obvious graphic improvement the combat system enables you and your enemy to activate an action that allows 2 actions to be taken in a turn, great for taking frequent enemies fast since the points/penalties taken reset for every battle, sadly from what I've played that is all the new things for combat.

The job system is also similar to 4HoL, but the way you use the abilities varies a bit and now you get a nice twist, jobs grant passive skills that reflect the characteristics of it, like the tried and true shield wounded companion or the black mage synergy damage bonus when there are more black mages on the party.

They seem to make a big deal of the street pass function but I haven't got the chance to benefit from it.

My regret from the game is the interface, most menus are navigated by the d-pad just a few places allow touching, making combat a bit boring for me, not that i loved the 4HoL menu but still more pros than cons.

The music is as good as all final fantasy games and by the size of the menus the will be a lot of loot and abilities to play around for a good while.

Feel like giving it a try, is a whole small village free of charge (30 uses) with some of the goals getting into the full version when you get it.