Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Party's Leader part 2

As mentioned before on the previous post, Rush focuses on the Leader, but this does not mean that there is just one way for Leaders to fight. There are many different kinds of Leaders and in this post I will share some ideas for their set up.

The Hero

This setting portrays one of the characters, not only as the most important one but also, as the most powerful one, the destiny's chosen one. This kind of Leader will jump in head first into combat, regardless of what the rest of the party is doing, and sometimes even protecting the rest of the party. Most Knights or Paladins, and even Barbarians may fits on this category.
djbisparulz art
Stand back, I'll get this!...
The Hero plays out the same way it was described on the first post, they'll get their chance to attack and take it, cleaving its way through the enemy lines, rarely requiering any assistance from its party members, and if they do, it consist mostly on improvements to its own abilities. They act like an Army of One.

The Captain

This is the kind of Leader that uses the strength of its party as its own, meaning that the party members are sent to Rush by the Leader's abilities. Its role and abilities are meant to provide buffs or activate special abilities to its party members. This is a support character class turned into a Leader.

djbisparulz art
Go Get'em!... minions...
The Captain is a great way to introduce Necromancers, Druids and even a new way for Bards and Cleric healers into this kind of games, where the party members would not act unless covered by the Leader's aid, waiting for its command and defending it in the meantime. The Captain is the Party as a Character.

The Temp

Not all Leaders are this extreme, there is a place for Leaders that work well with others; in fact they work so well that there is no real felling that there is a Leader what so ever. Mashed up between the Hero and the Captain, we get the Temp Leader, which exist in a setting where it does not stand out, so at any point in a game, or even in combat, any character could be the Temp Leader; yes, even during combat.
djbisparulz art
Any of this Ninjas could be the Leader
A Temp Leader can use party members both as support or as part of its own actions, meaning that it is the setting used if the Game does not need or want to use one of the special cases, but still uses Rush.

Hope you like them, and if you have an idea leave a comment! :)
Thanks to djbisparulz for the art!
And soon part three The Defense System.