Friday, July 27, 2012

CSS class

Ok so I've done some JS on Code Academy, a few bits of HTML and then I jumped to CSS, it seams that the smart thing to do finally got to HTML by separating the looks from the brains of a web-page (and it has been a while since that happened!). In the first few exercises, I was introduced to a few styles that could be applied to bits of text selections caught between <spam></spam> tags; after that they where caught between <p></p> tags and finally I got to read about CSS classes, what a relief! this really makes it all more readable, there was a part of the exercises that emphasized on that by making me add a bunch of CSS tags and properties to so many bits of text separately, and all of them within <spam> & </p> tags; those where 5 minutes of hell... and there was no brain to it!...
This is pretty simple stuff in the course but, by browsing Code Academy's code, I found a bunch of classes for the instructions texts that appear on the side they use it mostly between <div></div> tags, this allows the use of extra configuration classes inside the <p></p> tags, this way one class takes control of a mayor view while the next inside class makes more precise changes and so on... until the <spam></spam> tags get to be used.

this is it for today...

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