Monday, July 9, 2012

Combinations on Rush

I can remember just a few games (Chrono Trigger) where you could send several characters to perform an action together, and since most turn Based Combat RPGs have evolved into an ever growing list of Turn Based Strategy games, where instead of a party there's an army whose movement and position is more important than the actions itself, making combinations go into oblivion; its the main reason why I decided that... 

Combined Actions

Had to be a part of Rush. Several characters can join in on any kind of action, whether they are physical attacks, spells, even a defending stance, crating this way, a more difficult duel or reaction for the opponent, more powerful actions or reducing any of the action's requirements. This is the part of the system that will force strategy into the player, figuring out when is best to use Combined Actions and when not to, also in some cases, when it is required to.

super deformed D&D characters
Different kinds of Actions can be combined
Combining is meant to provide greater results than each character using separate actions, this requires some kind of commitment, this is why the main requirement is for all characters involved in a Combination to be on the same Queue's time frame; but as an outcome, they are all left open for attacks until the next turn.

The Queue will explain how all of this comes together, just hang out until I get the rest of the parts of Rush keep popping into my head...

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