Sunday, January 27, 2013

Anaconda 2 a Cow's Revenge

Hello all!, since setting up the Cow at the office is done, is time to move back home to a better computer system, bearing an AMD 4800x2 video card and 8Gigas of RAM on a 500Gb hard drive, this time there is a part of the drive that is already being used by one of Ubuntu's animals, and is time for some Cow revenge.
Hard Drive Partition Scheme
This time the Cow's target is whatever that lies inside the /dev/sda4...
And so it begins:
  • Image Downloaded, 
  • DVD burned,
  • Computer Rebooted,
  • Live System Started,
  • Installation Process Initiated,
  • Hard Drive Selected,
  • Manual Partitioning Chosen...
File Systems Exposed
Knowing how this works makes this a slice of Pizza (not a fan of pies). On the panel located at the right side of this menu of file systems we can define what we want Anaconda to do with them, this means we define what our /home or / and swap are going to be from what it found; as an example take the sd3 that belongs to Unknown, it will become my all OS file space (I call it Skull) if I just set the following:

So we take Ubuntu's / and swap and do the same that on /mnt/skull up there and I would also have made /dev/sda2 into /mnt/win so windows gets auto mounted but I can't edit that one, so the New Fedora 18 Installation ends like this:

End this and pressing Begin Installation, set the root password and wait until the Cow is set by blogging about it ;)

In conclusion, I've just tested a tiny part of the cases that Anaconda is prepared to handle:
  • I did not encrypt need to nor had any partitions encrypted before hand, 
  • I did not have free space to let Anaconda take by itself so as to save me (the user) some time on the installation process, 
  • Anaconda does not automatically download Updates in the style of Ubuntu's Installer (set aside the adding of repos), 
  • as so picking the software to install was not part of this version of Anaconda, however, it seems to be a work in progress
I'm Happy to announce that it all went well and I have my Computer ready to work.

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